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vitamin shots and IV add ons


B12 Methylcobalamin

Increase metabolism
Weight loss
Increases energy levels

Fights fatigue
Decreases shingles symptoms
Improves sleeping patterns 

Increases concentration
Improve cognitive function
Elevates moods
Boosts your immune system
May increase hair growth

Support healthy bone density
Supports healthy eye function 


Skinny Shot

Weight loss
Improve energy
Increase metabolism
Increase removal of fat

Decrease appetite

Improve mood
Lift brain fog
Support hormonal balance

*optional to add B12



May decrease blood pressure

Promotes cardiovascular health

Enhances muscle performance

Faster muscle recovery

Protects against neurotoxicity

Decreases risk of neurodegenerative disease

Increases metabolism

Increases fat burning 

Protects proper eye function

Boosts the immune system



Weight loss

Improves blood sugar control

Protects cardiovascular health

May decrease PCOS symptoms

Prices based off of dosing


1mg-2.5mg        $200

2.6mg-5mg        $250

5.1mg-7.5mg     $300

7.6mg-10mg      $350


5mg-10mg          $300

11mg-20mg        $400

21mg-30mg        $500

30mg-50mg        $600


Supports strong bones

Decrease inflammation

Supports cardiovascular health

Calms nerves

Elevates moods
Boosts the immune system

Supports cognitive health

Combats fatigue
Improve sleep
Improve digestion

Supports weight loss


Amino Acids

Increase collagen formation

Boosts athletic performance

Rapid recovery
Boost muscle growth

Improves sleep

Weight loss
Increase focus

Regulate hormones

Reduce inflammation


Alpha Lipoic Acid

Super powerful antioxidant

Supports metabolic function

May lower blood sugar levels

Increases insulin sensitivity

May Protect the brain against neurogenerative diseases

Promotes neuroregeneration

May help with neuropathy

Protects skin against UV damage

May decrease fine lines and wrinkles

Repairs damaged cells

Detoxes the body

Able to bypass the blood brain barrier 

Decreases inflammation



Not an opioid or narcotic

Helps with moderate to severe painAnti-inflammatory

Pain relief

Migraine relief

Body Aches 

Muscle pain

Back pain

Joint pain




Extremely powerful antioxidant

Decreases inflammation

Increases energy production 

Decreases wrinkles 

Increases elasticity of skin

Increases brain function and clarity

Decreases risk of cancers

Detoxes the body

Boosts your immune system

Improves cardiovascular health

Boosts athletic performance

Helps D3 function properly



*Considered the Beauty Vitamin Improve digestion
Increase metabolism
Promote healthy skin, hair, and nails 

Convert nutrients into energy

Promote Healthy nerve function Support Healthy blood sugar levels

Improve sleep

Calms nerves/relaxes the body



Reverse signs of aging

Weight loss

Improve cognitive function

Decrease anxiety

Elevate mood/Decrease depression

Improve Sleep

Reduce Inflammation

Boost Energy Levels

Improve skin health

Protect against neurogenerative disease

Combat addiction 

Support recovery




       Anti nausea 

       Anti vomiting 

       Indigestion relief

       Heart burn relief

       Acid reflex relief



IM (intramuscular) injections deliver 100% absorption into your blood stream, however the absorption rate is just slower than an IV, therefore extending the benefits for a longer period in the body.  Weekly vitamin shots are an effective way to increase your energy, strengthen your immune system, and promote weight loss.  If you are needing a boost but don't have the time for an IV injection then these are the perfect option for you.  Be sure to book your's today. 

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